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List of flight routes around the world. Daily updated list of flight routes by countries and airports.

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183031 direct flight routes found.

Route Departure Airport Departure Country Arrival Airport Arrival Country
AAA-AABAnaa Airport (AAA)French PolynesiaArrabury Airport (AAB)Australia
AAD-MGQAdado Airport (AAD)SomaliaAden Adde International Airport (MGQ)Somalia
AAE-ALGRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaHouari Boumediene Airport (ALG)Algeria
AAE-CDGRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaCharles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG)France
AAE-CRLRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaBrussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL)Belgium
AAE-ELURabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaGuemar Airport (ELU)Algeria
AAE-ISTRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaAtatürk International Airport (IST)Turkey
AAE-JEDRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaKing Abdulaziz International Airport (JED)Saudi Arabia
AAE-LYSRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaLyon Saint-Exupéry Airport (LYS)France
AAE-MEDRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaPrince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport (MED)Saudi Arabia
AAE-MRSRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaMarseille Provence Airport (MRS)France
AAE-MXPRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaMalpensa International Airport (MXP)Italy
AAE-NCERabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaNice-Côte d'Azur Airport (NCE)France
AAE-ORNRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaEs Senia Airport (ORN)Algeria
AAE-ORYRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaParis-Orly Airport (ORY)France
AAE-TUNRabah Bitat Airport (AAE)AlgeriaTunis Carthage International Airport (TUN)Tunisia
AAF-4R4Apalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United States (4R4)
AAF-APFApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesNaples Municipal Airport (APF)United States
AAF-ATLApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesHartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)United States
AAF-AUSApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesAustin Robert Mueller Municipal (AUS)United States
AAF-CHAApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesLovell Field (CHA)United States
AAF-CUNApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesCancún International Airport (CUN)Mexico
AAF-DALApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesDallas Love Field (DAL)United States
AAF-DTWApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesDetroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW)United States
AAF-ECPApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesNorthwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP)United States
AAF-FMYApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesPage Field (FMY)United States
AAF-FTYApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesFulton County Airport Brown Field (FTY)United States
AAF-GUYApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesGuymon Municipal Airport (GUY)United States
AAF-HEZApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesHardy-Anders Field / Natchez-Adams County Airport (HEZ)United States
AAF-HOUApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesWilliam P Hobby Airport (HOU)United States
AAF-HUMApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesHouma Terrebonne Airport (HUM)United States
AAF-KHSAApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United States (KHSA)
AAF-MCOApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesOrlando International Airport (MCO)United States
AAF-MIAApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesMiami International Airport (MIA)United States
AAF-MSYApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesLouis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY)United States
AAF-PBIApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesPalm Beach International Airport (PBI)United States
AAF-PDKApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesDeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK)United States
AAF-PTKApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesOakland County International Airport (PTK)United States
AAF-SHVApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesShreveport Regional Airport (SHV)United States
AAF-SRQApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesSarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ)United States
AAF-TLHApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesTallahassee Regional Airport (TLH)United States
AAF-TPAApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United StatesTampa International Airport (TPA)United States
AAF-VDFApalachicola Regional Airport (AAF)United States (VDF)
AAL-AARAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkAarhus Airport (AAR)Denmark
AAL-AGPAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkMálaga Airport (AGP)Spain
AAL-ALCAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkAlicante International Airport (ALC)Spain
AAL-AMSAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkAmsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)Netherlands
AAL-ARNAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkStockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN)Sweden
AAL-AYTAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkAntalya International Airport (AYT)Turkey
AAL-BCNAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkBarcelona International Airport (BCN)Spain
AAL-BLLAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkBillund Airport (BLL)Denmark
AAL-CHQAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkChania International Airport (CHQ)Greece
AAL-CPHAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkCopenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH)Denmark
AAL-FAEAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkVagar Airport (FAE)Faroe Islands
AAL-FNCAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkMadeira Airport (FNC)Portugal
AAL-FRAAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkFrankfurt am Main Airport (FRA)Germany
AAL-FUEAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkFuerteventura Airport (FUE)Spain
AAL-GNBAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkGrenoble-Isère Airport (GNB)France
AAL-INNAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkInnsbruck Airport (INN)Austria
AAL-ISTAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkAtatürk International Airport (IST)Turkey
AAL-LGWAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkLondon Gatwick Airport (LGW)United Kingdom
AAL-LPAAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkGran Canaria Airport (LPA)Spain
AAL-MSQAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkMinsk National Airport (MSQ)Belarus
AAL-OSLAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkOslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL)Norway
AAL-PMIAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkPalma De Mallorca Airport (PMI)Spain
AAL-RHOAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkDiagoras Airport (RHO)Greece
AAL-RNNAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkBornholm Airport (RNN)Denmark
AAL-SFJAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkKangerlussuaq Airport (SFJ)Greenland
AAL-STNAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkLondon Stansted Airport (STN)United Kingdom
AAL-SZGAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkSalzburg Airport (SZG)Austria
AAL-ZTHAalborg Airport (AAL)DenmarkDionysios Solomos Airport (ZTH)Greece
AAN-CAIAl Ain International Airport (AAN)United Arab EmiratesCairo International Airport (CAI)Egypt
AAN-CCJAl Ain International Airport (AAN)United Arab EmiratesCalicut International Airport (CCJ)India
AAN-GOIAl Ain International Airport (AAN)United Arab EmiratesDabolim Airport (GOI)India
AAN-KBPAl Ain International Airport (AAN)United Arab EmiratesBoryspil International Airport (KBP)Ukraine
AAN-NDJAl Ain International Airport (AAN)United Arab EmiratesN'Djamena International Airport (NDJ)Chad
AAN-PEWAl Ain International Airport (AAN)United Arab EmiratesPeshawar International Airport (PEW)Pakistan
AAN-RKTAl Ain International Airport (AAN)United Arab EmiratesRas Al Khaimah International Airport (RKT)United Arab Emirates
AAN-SSNAl Ain International Airport (AAN)United Arab EmiratesSeoul Air Base (K-16) (SSN)South Korea
AAQ-AERAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaSochi International Airport (AER)Russia
AAQ-ARHAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaTalagi Airport (ARH)Russia
AAQ-BAXAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaBarnaul Airport (BAX)Russia
AAQ-BZKAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaBryansk Airport (BZK)Russia
AAQ-CEEAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaCherepovets Airport (CEE)Russia
AAQ-CEKAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaChelyabinsk Balandino Airport (CEK)Russia
AAQ-CSYAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaCheboksary Airport (CSY)Russia
AAQ-DMEAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaDomodedovo International Airport (DME)Russia
AAQ-EGOAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaBelgorod International Airport (EGO)Russia
AAQ-EYKAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaBeloyarskiy Airport (EYK)Russia
AAQ-GOJAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaNizhny Novgorod Strigino International Airport (GOJ)Russia
AAQ-HMAAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaKhanty Mansiysk Airport (HMA)Russia
AAQ-IJKAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaIzhevsk Airport (IJK)Russia
AAQ-IWAAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaIvanovo South Airport (IWA)Russia
AAQ-KGDAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaKhrabrovo Airport (KGD)Russia
AAQ-KJAAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaYemelyanovo Airport (KJA)Russia
AAQ-KUFAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaKurumoch International Airport (KUF)Russia
AAQ-KVKAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaKirovsk-Apatity Airport (KVK)Russia
AAQ-KVXAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaPobedilovo Airport (KVX)Russia
AAQ-KZNAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaKazan International Airport (KZN)Russia
AAQ-LEDAnapa Vityazevo Airport (AAQ)RussiaPulkovo Airport (LED)Russia
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