Kapalua Airport (JHM)

Lahaina, United States

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Current time in Lahaina: Tuesday 2018-03-20 06:51 AM

Lahaina Time Zone: GMT-10:00

Kapalua Airport Weather

68 F / 20 °C, Clear
clear sky

Kapalua Airport Position

Latitude: 20.9629
Longitude -156.673
Elevation: 256 ft
Local Code: JHM

Flights departing from Kapalua Airport

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
CPT 7668Corporate Air(JHM) Kapalua Airport1:15 PM(HNL) Honolulu
CPT 7687Corporate Air(JHM) Kapalua Airport8:45 AM(HNL) Honolulu
CPT 7691Corporate Air(JHM) Kapalua Airport8:30 AM(HNL) Honolulu
CPT 7700Corporate Air(JHM) Kapalua Airport8:00 AM(HNL) Honolulu
HA 657Hawaiian Airlines(JHM) Kapalua Airport5:40 PM(HNL) Honolulu
MW 715Mokulele Airlines(JHM) Kapalua Airport5:25 PM(MKK) Hoolehua
MW 732Mokulele Airlines(JHM) Kapalua Airport5:05 PM(KOA) Kailua-Kona
MW 521Mokulele Airlines(JHM) Kapalua Airport5:00 PM(HNL) Honolulu
MW 515Mokulele Airlines(JHM) Kapalua Airport3:15 PM(HNL) Honolulu
MW 527Mokulele Airlines(JHM) Kapalua Airport2:20 PM(HNL) Honolulu
HA 653Hawaiian Airlines(JHM) Kapalua Airport1:35 PM(HNL) Honolulu
MW 512Mokulele Airlines(JHM) Kapalua Airport1:15 PM(KOA) Kailua-Kona
MW 509Mokulele Airlines(JHM) Kapalua Airport12:10 PM(HNL) Honolulu
MW 507Mokulele Airlines(JHM) Kapalua Airport10:55 AM(HNL) Honolulu
HA 651Hawaiian Airlines(JHM) Kapalua Airport10:41 AM(HNL) Honolulu

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