Lanzarote Airport (ACE)

Lanzarote Island, Spain

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Current time in Lanzarote Island: Tuesday 2018-03-20 06:32 AM

Lanzarote Island Time Zone: GMT+00:00

Lanzarote Airport Position

Latitude: 28.9455
Longitude -13.6052
Elevation: 46 ft

Flights departing from Lanzarote Airport

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
UX 9446Air Europa(ACE) Lanzarote Airport8:55 PM(LPA) Las Palmas
NT 537Binter Canarias(ACE) Lanzarote Airport8:45 PM(LPA) Las Palmas
NT 485Binter Canarias(ACE) Lanzarote Airport8:30 PM(TFN) Tenerife
PM 766Canary Fly(ACE) Lanzarote Airport7:45 PM(LPA) Las Palmas
NT 531Binter Canarias(ACE) Lanzarote Airport7:30 PM(LPA) Las Palmas
FR 6154Ryanair(ACE) Lanzarote Airport7:10 PM(PIK) Glasgow
NT 475Binter Canarias(ACE) Lanzarote Airport6:45 PM(TFN) Tenerife
U2 7452easyJet(ACE) Lanzarote Airport6:35 PM(SEN) Southend
NT 509Binter Canarias(ACE) Lanzarote Airport6:25 PM(LPA) Las Palmas
FR 2553Ryanair(ACE) Lanzarote Airport6:20 PM(SVQ) Sevilla
NT 525Binter Canarias(ACE) Lanzarote Airport6:15 PM(LPA) Las Palmas
EI 877Aer Lingus(ACE) Lanzarote Airport6:05 PM(ORK) Cork
NT 511Binter Canarias(ACE) Lanzarote Airport2:30 PM(LPA) Las Palmas
NT 455Binter Canarias(ACE) Lanzarote Airport2:10 PM(TFN) Tenerife
PM 730Canary Fly(ACE) Lanzarote Airport2:05 PM(LPA) Las Palmas

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